BPD RACKETEERING CHARGES | Victims, lawyers speak out

BPD RACKETEERING CHARGES | Victims, lawyers speak out

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Out of the eight officers brought up on racketeering charges, six have pleaded guilty and two are now on trial at federal court.

The officers' victims, meanwhile, are trying to rebuild their lives.

Many people the officers targeted are still in jail.

Defense attorney Ivan Bates addressed the active court cases involving a corrupt group of city police officers.

"These criminals who hid behind a badge, they preyed on the African-American community, and they didn't care if you had a job or wore a tie as long as they thought you had money," said Bates, who is challenging Marilyn Mosby for the city State's Attorney position.

Two residents, Jamal and Evonne Walker, describe how they became targets.

Nearly $20,000 of their money disappeared and it's still unaccounted for.

"They were cowboys, were gonna do whatever we want to do," said Jamal Walker.

For several months, Bates and other defense attorneys have accused the State's Attorney's office of knowing what was happening.

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