Bruised & Broken: Survivor recounts that fateful bus ride that nearly killed her

    Bruised & Broken: Survivor recounts that fateful bus ride that nearly killed her (WBFF)

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- One of the survivors of the horrific MTA bus crash told her story Wednesday night. She is the first survivor of the accident to speak publicly.

    Michelle Kennedy says she was knocked unconscious after the collision. She woke up with glass in her mouth. She's grateful to be alive.

    "I didn't see it coming," Kennedy says of the school bus that slammed into the side of the number 10 MTA bus she was riding. It's not her regular route.

    "I woke up a little late so I caught that bus," she says.

    She boarded at 6:25 am, choosing a seat at the front in a row near the driver. Five minutes into the ride, she lost consciousness.

    "The only thing I remember was I got on the bus. I was sitting on the right side. I was talking to someone and the next thing I know, I woke up on the floor with glass in my mouth."

    Kennedy remembers bodies on top of her.

    "I kept yelling for help, for them to get me out. I was scared," she says.

    "The police and fire department, they was letting us know they would try to help me."

    Kennedy's jaw is fractured. She's covered with cuts and bruises. But she's alive.

    "They had to pry open the door and took me by my arms and lift me up to get me out."

    13 people were on the MTA bus. Only eight survived. Four passengers and the MTA driver were killed.

    The driver of the school bus was also killed. An aide on board with him survived.

    Kennedy is speaking the day after the accident along with her attorney Billy Murphy.

    "We need to know why it happened because I wouldn't be here, but I'm glad I am," she says.

    "She wanted to come forward and comfort as many people as she could," Murphy says. "And call as passionately as she could for any information that can help us understand what happened and who was at fault."

    "What happened before, what happened after," he says.

    Murphy is starting his own investigation into the accident. Baltimore police have asked anyone who witnessed it to contact them. Murphy is doing the same.

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