BUGS ON THE BUS | Roaches were 'just huddled, like a group,' on an MTA bus

BUGS ON THE BUS | Roaches were 'just huddled, like a group,' on an MTA bus

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - There were roaches on a Baltimore City bus, a dirty discovery caught on camera by one rider who found herself nearly sitting in the nasty nest of bugs.

Breyona Reynolds, 18, is a daily rider on the MTA city bus. But Thursday, Nov. 9, Reynolds said her ride after work that night was like no other.

“Some of [the roaches] were, like, sitting; they were going in and out of a hole. They were crawling in that area, and that was the nasty part about it,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds said she got on the bus at York Road near Woodbourne Avenue. She was about to sit down when another girl screamed out.

"She's like, 'No, don't sit right there!'

So I turned around and I pulled my headphones out and I'm, like, 'Why?' She says, 'There's a group of roaches over there,'" said Reynolds.

It was a dirty discovery, on the city’s Red Line - a roach-ridden ride for Reynolds.

"So then, I turn around, I look in the corner and it's, like, they're just huddled, like a group, and it's disgusting," said Reynolds.

Reynolds snapped pictures of the bugs on the bus with her cell phone, followed with a post on Facebook that soon went viral.

FOX45 News contacted the Maryland Transit Administration.

Sandy Arnette, a spokesperson with MTA, responded with a statement that reads in part: “We routinely treat our fleet for pests and recently stepped up our treatments. Exterminators were out on some routes this past weekend."

Still, Reynolds is disgusted and disappointed.

"You're paying almost 5 bucks to ride a dirty bus. I mean, like, why raise the prices if it's not sanitary? I don't understand that. People shouldn't have to pay money for something to ride like that," said Reynolds.

Reynolds and the MTA, according to the statement, are both urging riders to help out with pest control by not eating and drinking on transit vehicles.

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