Celebratory Gunfire|Arrests Made

New Year's Eve Celebratory Gunfire Results in Two Men Arrested

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Baltimore City Police have arrested two men for firing celebratory gunshots on New Year's Eve.

Police say around 8:35 p.m. Sunday, officers in the Southwest District Action Team were patrolling in the area 500 block of S. Bentalou Street when they saw a man discharging a shotgun in an alley.

Police say after firing the shotgun, the man retreated into a house.

The District Action Team officers along with Patrol Officers from the Southwest District were able to secure and enter that home.

The officers located the man they saw firing the shotgun along with another man, and found the shotgun and two additional firearms.

Arrested was 18 year-old Darryon Cephas of the 3000 block of Hanlon Avenue and 37 year-old Charles Rheubottom of the 5300 block of Ethelbert Avenue.

The officers seized a 12 gauge shotgun, a loaded .22 caliber rifle, and a loaded 9mm handgun along with 22 zip lock bags of marijuana. Also recovered was spent shotgun shells. All seized property was submitted as evidence.

Cephas and Rheubottom, both of whom are prohibited from possessing a firearm, were transported to Central Booking where they have been charged with firearms and narcotics violation. Both are currently waiting to see a court commissioner.

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