Charm City gets ready to turn into Light City

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- In less than a week downtown Charm City will be transformed into Light City.

Organizers said the "world-class" festival that runs from March 28 through April 3 will highlight the intersection of light, art, music and technology.

A mile-and-a-half stretch of the Inner Harbor will showcase more than 50 attractions from Baltimore-based artists along with national and international creators.

Kathy Hornig, with the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, said the inspiration came from international light festivals -- such as Vivid Sydney in Australia -- but added Baltimore's will be one of a kind.

"Most of the light shows in America are holiday light shows," said Hornig. "They don't feature this level of large-scale, original light art."

The artistic duo Aether & Hemera, otherwise known as Claudio Benghi and his wife Gloria Ronchi, said they can't wait for the public to 'Voyage,' a collection of 300 paper boats between Piers V and VI that will be illuminated with underwater LED lights.

"At night the whole fleet will light up with a number of different patterns," said Benghi. "People will be able to choose between whatever they like the most with their cell phones."

"Plaza" designed by Scott Pennington will be a collection of carnival-inspired relics.

"It's a bit of a throwback aesthetic to lighting the way that it was decades ago," said Pennington.

To learn more about Light City click here.

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