Cherry Hill gang member known as 'Butt Juice' is convicted

Cherry Hill gang member known as 'Butt Juice' is convicted

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - A 25-year-old Baltimore man who goes by the name of "Butt Juice" was convicted Tuesday of conspiracy to take part in racketeering as part of his gang activities in the Cherry Hill area.

Lamont Jones, a.ka. "Butt Juice," faces a maximum sentence of life in prison; his sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 5, according to a news release Tuesday.

Jones is a member of the Up Da Hill (UDG) gang and was also convicted of conspiracy to distribute drugs and having drugs with intent to distribute, according to the news release.

He and other UDG members sold crack cocaine, heroin and other drugs, reported the U.S. Attorney's Office.

According to the release, "UDH members and associates used violence and intimidation to protect themselves, the UDH organization, and their control of the drug trade in part of Cherry Hill."

Besides his involvement in drugs, "Jones knew that members and associates of UDH committed home invasions, and street and bank robberies to fund their narcotics activities, and committed other acts of violence, including shootings, stabbings, and murders, to kill, injure, and intimidate those who would interfere with their enterprise," according to the release.

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