Chiropractic care and the flu

Chiropractic care and the flu

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - According the Maryland Department of Health’s latest weekly influenza report, the flu intensity in Maryland remains "high" and "widespread" for the third week in a row.

During the week ending in January 27, there were 3,178 visits to emergency rooms and 404 visits to reporting doctors’ offices due to influenza-like illnesses. Both are a reported increase from the week prior.

“I've missed the flu this year, knock on wood," said Melody Snow, who lives in Baltimore.

Like many, Snow is doing everything she can to dodge the flu.

For her, that includes a flu shot, frequent hand washing and overall good health habits, including visits to her chiropractor.

“Chiropractic adjustment helps boost the immune system,” said Dr. Jarrod Lippy, with Advanced Correction in Baltimore.

How so? Dr. Lippy said it affects the nervous system.

“The nervous system governs all of the other system in the body, the brain and the spinal cord,” explained Dr. Lippy. “When you stimulate the nervous system and have it functioning properly, then the immune system which it controls is able to function correctly as well."

Dr. Lippy stresses routine chiropractic adjustments alone won’t prevent or cure the flu but can help your body fend off the virus.

“Indirectly, it can impact your chances of getting the flu by having a stronger, more efficient immune system," he said.

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