New speed and red light cameras in effect

    City Department of Transporation Announces New Cameras

    BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- The new automated enforcement locations announced earlier this month by the Baltimore City Department of Transportation are set to go in effect starting Monday.

    The speed camera monitoring system consists of portable and fixed speed cameras. Vehicles that exceed the posted speed limit by at least 12 miles per hour will receive violations.

    The speed cameras operate in city school zones Monday through Friday, from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM all year long and the violation is $40.00.

    Starting on September 25, 2017, speed camera monitoring systems will be added at the following locations:

    Gilman School: 100-800 West Northern Parkway

    Hamilton Elementary/Middle School: 6000-6200 Harford Road

    Mergenthaler High School, St. Elizabeth School, and the Baltimore City College High School: 3400-3900 The Alameda

    Baltimore City College High School: 1000-1300 33rd Street

    Calvin M. Rodwell Elementary School: 4200-4600 Liberty Heights Avenue

    Frederick Elementary School: 2500-2900 Frederick Avenue

    Baltimore Information Technology Academy: 1200-1400 Woodbourne Avenue

    Westport Academy Elementary Middle School: 2500-2700 Waterview Avenue

    Wolfe Street Academy: 200-300 South Wolfe Street

    Mergenthaler High School: 3300-3600 Loch Raven Boulevard

    Hamilton Elementary/Middle School: 6000-6100 Old Harford Road

    Maree G. Farring Elementary/Middle School: 100-300 East Patapsco Avenue

    Arlington Elementary/Middle School: 5300-5500 Park Heights Avenue

    Archbishop Curley High School: 4200 4400 Erdman Avenue

    Curtis Bay Elementary/Middle School: 4200 4800 Pennington Avenue

    The red light camera monitoring system consists of stationary cameras that use sensors in conjunction with traffic lights to record images of motor vehicles entering an intersection during a red light.

    The red light enforcement cameras are operational 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and the violation is $75.00.

    The following automated red light camera monitoring locations will be added started on September 25, 2017:

    Harford Road Northbound and The Alameda

    Harford Road Southbound and The Alameda

    West Northern Parkway Eastbound and Greenspring Avenue

    West Northern Parkway Westbound and Greenspring Avenue

    Erdman Avenue Eastbound and North Macon Street

    Erdman Avenue Westbound and North Macon Street

    East 33rd Street Eastbound and Greenmount Avenue

    East 33rd Street Westbound and Greenmount Avenue

    Loch Raven Boulevard Northbound and East Belvedere Avenue

    Loch Raven Boulevard Southbound and East Belvedere Avenue

    Pulaski Highway Eastbound and Moravia Park Drive

    West Northern Parkway Westbound and Falls Road

    North Fulton Avenue Northbound and West North Avenue

    Light Street Southbound and West Pratt Street/East Pratt Street

    West Pratt Street Eastbound and Light Street

    East Madison Street Westbound and North Linwood Avenue

    East Belvedere Avenue Eastbound and Hillen Road

    Aliceanna Street Eastbound and South Wolfe Street

    Aliceanna Street Westbound and South Wolfe Street

    Liberty Heights Avenue Eastbound and West Northern Parkway

    Liberty Heights Avenue Westbound and West Northern Parkway

    The Department of Transporation says the locations above are approximations for the enforcement zones.

    Enforcement at all locations may be on a temporary, rotating or permanent basis.

    To learn more about Baltimore's ATVES program visit

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