City police officer charged with dealing drugs in Woodlawn

    City police officer charged with dealing drugs in Woodlawn

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - He's been a Baltimore City police officer for 14 years. Tonight, he's locked up, charged with illegally possessing and distributing prescription drugs.

    Officer Spencer Moore is being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center. He was arrested Tuesday.

    According to charging documents, he told police that he not only bought illegal prescription pills, but he himself has an addiction to oxycodone, taking two dozen pills a day.

    "He was arrested for drug trafficking," said Baltimore police interim commissioner Gary Tuggle.

    Moore was arrested at a Shell gas station on Forrest Park Avenue, along with Keon Bennett.

    Police say they found dozens of illegal oxycodone pills in Moore's car.

    "These are prescription drugs. The investigation has been going on for a couple of months," Tuggle said.

    He says the city started the investigation into Moore.

    "We realized we needed to bring Baltimore County into it," he said.

    According to court documents, plainclothes narcotics detectives witnessed Moore and Bennett meeting at Hertsch's Tavern, on Gwynn Oak Avenue in the Woodlawn area, where they say drugs are often sold and abused.

    Next, the two drove to the gas station, where police say they witnessed them make an exchange.

    "We will not stand for this type of activity," Tuggle said.

    County police say Moore had three bottles with more than 100 pills.

    He told police he would buy oxycodone in Baltimore City, but never did so while he was in uniform as a Baltimore City police officer.

    He also told them he had an addiction to oxycodone and it was not unusual for him take 20 to 25 pills at a time.

    At the time of his arrest, Moore was already on suspension for something that police say is unrelated to this case.

    He's now suspended without pay.

    Moore's bail review will be Thursday.

    The other man charged, Keon Bennett, has been released after posting a $50,000 bond.

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