City school board to reconsider arming school police

    City school board to reconsider arming school police

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Just days after a shooting inside Frederick Douglass High School, the Baltimore City school board is set to reconsider arming school police.

    FOX45's Keith Daniels reports that commissioners will consider the matter once again.

    A spokeswoman for the district says they are expected to discuss it at a Tuesday board meeting.

    Board members will discuss House Bill 31, which would overturn a state law prohibiting school police officers from carrying guns inside schools.

    The bill was withdrawn last month when the board unanimously voted against arming school police.

    A group of students shut down the meeting, saying they don't want armed school police.

    The school police union president, however, told FOX45 overturning the state law is a move in the right direction.

    "I think it's showing that the school system is taking the precaution, the measures to safeguard staff and students. I think there's an outcry for that, there has always been an outcry, but I think it's louder now that we have an incident to refer back say hey, we had a shooting in a school in Baltimore City."

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