CITY SOLICITOR: GTTF Officers Could Pay for Lawsuits

CITY SOLICITOR: GTTF Officers Could Pay for Lawsuits

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- At Wednesday's Board of Estimates meeting, Baltimore City Solicitor Andre Davis lays out a strategy to protect the city from lawsuits filed against corrupt cops.

In a story first reported by Crime and Justice Reporter Joy Lepola, Davis says Gun Trace Task Force officers acted outside of their duties as they terrorized their victims.

For that reason, the city should not be held financially liable for any award granted in a lawsuit.

One lawsuit has already been filed where the city asked a judge that it not pay for any cash awards in the case. So far, there are 45 claims involving officers from the Gun Trace Task Force. Those claims, if filed as civil lawsuits, could involve thousands of dollars in damages that the city may not cover.

The Solicitor said he wants the officers to be responsible for any damages awarded.

In 2017 Baltimore city paid out $2.7 Million to settle police misconduct cases.

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