COLD WEATHER WOES | Car encased in ice, broken water main in Fells Point

COLD WEATHER WOES | Car encased in ice, broken water main in Fells Point (Courtesy:

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Extreme cold combined with a broken water main is creating a nightmare for some residents in Upper Fells Point.

When you walk down Lombard Street near Wolfe Street, what a difference a block can make. On one side, the street is clear. But on Lindsay Jones' block its a virtual river of ice.

"I mean, this is all just ice buildup, slush that has been frozen," said Jones.

A slow, steady leak from a water main joint at the corner is the culprit. Neighbors say it's been that way for weeks. But when the temperatures dip, the slow moving water becomes a sheet of ice.

The street is now closed to traffic. And as Jones showed us, walking from one side of the street to the other can be challenging.

"It's really a huge mess," said Jones.

It's cold-weather woes for neighbors negotiating icy streets and dealing with ice covered cars.

"It happened to my car," said Joanne Weitzel.

Splashing water from passing vehicles on Wolfe Street cover parked cars and freeze overnight. Cars are left coated with ice. Drivers are left heated.

"We're irritated and we're frustrated," said Weitzel. "We can't call out from work tomorrow and tell them our cars are iced in, who would believe you," she said.

"I knew that once it got cold, we would have a river of ice. But I wasn't expecting it to be quite this bad. This is really terrible," said Jones.

The Baltimore Department of Public Works has told residents crews are waiting on a part for repairs that could arrive by the end of the week.

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