Coming soon: More on-street parking for city drivers with disabilities, but at a price

    Coming soon: More on-street parking for city drivers with disabilities, but at a price

    BALTIMORE, Md. (WBFF) - The second round of ProjectSPACE, a parking program aimed at designating more on-street parking for those with disabilities, is in the works in Baltimore City.

    The program is the brainchild of the Parking Authority of Baltimore City and the Mayor's Office on Disabilities. Phase 2 will combat those illegally misusing blue handicap tags on their cars while also creating more accessible on-street parking options for those with disabilities.

    The second phase goes into effect in mid-to-late September in Fells Point and Harbor East, and hopes to eliminate the financial incentive of those using a disability placard or tags by making the metered cost the same for cars with and without these tags. In layman's terms, everyone will be required to pay the meter in these neighborhoods for on-street parking, discouraging anyone who may be illegally abusing the handicap placards for personal benefit, or stealing them.

    There's other good news for everyone - the time limit for on-street parking spaces within the ProjectSPACE zone will jump to four hours.

    Phase 2 reserves roughly 70 parking spots with highly accessible, Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant, single-space meters for vehicles displaying a disability placard or tags. 95 multi-space EZ Parks meters in Fells Point and Harbor East have been retrofitted to meet current ADA standards.

    Peter Little, executive director of the Parking Authority of Baltimore City, says, "One phase at a time, we're increasing accessibility for people with disabilities in Baltimore."

    He adds, "The average number of disability placards stolen per month in Baltimore City is down to three from an alarming 23 per month before ProjectSPACE Phase 1 launched. Phase 2 will further remove the financial incentive to illegally use a disability placard and it will increase the number of available parking spaces in Harbor East and Fells Point for everyone, especially those with disabilities."

    ProjectSPACE will continue to expand in further phases to Federal Hill, Mount Vernon and more neighborhoods.

    According to a statement released, "ProjectSPACE is part of an ongoing, long-term solution to a major parking problem in Baltimore City."

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