Commissioner Announces: Polygraph Tests and OT Abuse Unit

Commissioner Announces: Polygraph Tests and OT Abuse Unit

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa announced the reorganization of several high ranking members of the department.

De Sousa held the news conference on the new organizational chart Friday morning.

Saying, "I felt the need to put a strong piece with respect to inspections and integrity, there will be random integrity tests throughout city of Baltimore...Random polygraph for members in specialized units."

The Acting Commissioner said some of the changes were necessary in the wake of the Gun Trace Task Force.

"GTTF's awful, it' sickens me to my stomach to see what happened." De Sousa announced earlier in the week a corruption unit to investigate claims made during testimony, including that a police involved shooting was murder and that the shooting of an officer was related to drug dealing.

De Sousa also said that the unit will look into other officers implicated in testimony, "Corruption unit is going to specifically address the names that came up in that testimony."

While addressing the issues surrounding the Gun Trace Task Force De Sousa said, "I understand that corruption is real and it exists I also say the vast majority of BPD do their jobs courageously everyday.

An overtime abuse unit has also been created in response to the unit's overtime fraud.

Questions about one of the commanding officers who appeared on the chart were brought to light in a FOX45 Investigation.

FOX45 obtained a memo sent to De Sousa highlighting the officer's background including two sustained complaints against him.

In the news conference, De Sousa said that due to the new information, he is not moving forward with the appointment of Thomas Cassella at this point.

Police say they are continuing to investigate the claims and legitimacy of the memo provided to FOX45.

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