Crews still working on 100+ water main breaks in Baltimore area

Crews still working on 100+ water main breaks in Baltimore area

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Baltimore’s water woes are still a major issue.

On Friday, Department of Public Works crews were working to fix more than 100 main breaks across the city and county and almost 1,300 frozen service lines to homes.

With a cooldown coming this weekend, they’re telling people to prepare.

Crews are working 24/7, and outside contractors are working alongside city crews.

DPW director Rudy Chow says Baltimore County crews are also now stepping in to help city DPW workers address the breaks in the county.

Phone calls are pouring into the city’s Emergency Operations Center as people report problems.

Friday Chow said workers were at 37 jobs and still had 64 other main breaks to address that were reported within the last couple of days.

This week they’ve also fixed more than 2,000 problems at homes with frozen lines.

They still have almost 1,300 to go.

“We have 188 in progress right now,” Chow said. “That means our crews are out there literally trying to thaw the meter.”

With Baltimore County crews assisting they’re hoping to get as many fixed this weekend as possible.

“Between now and Sunday, my goal is to try to get all these backlogs done,” Chow said.

They’re worried the changing temperatures will lead to more breaks.

“We are going to try to get all of these things done, as many as we can in the next few days, just to try to get ahead of the potential next wave,” Chow said.

They are warning people if their lines have frozen before to leave their water running with a slow drip to prevent it from happening again.

Chow points out the home meters are designed to protect pipes to the house from breaking.

“What happens is that the meter freezes up and, rather than causing more damages to the service line going to homes, this plate will bust open,” he said. “So this is where the weak point is to the water."

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