DAWNTA'S LAWYER: 'This boy was acting out of fear'

DAWANTA'S LAWYER: 'This boy was acting out of fear'

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - The defense attorney representing Dawnta Harris spent Wednesday meeting with his client and preparing his defense.

At their office late in the day, FOX45's Jeff Abell reported that attorney Warren Brown insisted the case is not what it may seem.

"This boy was acting out of fear," he told FOX45.

Brown, who's representing accused killer Dawnta Harris, insists Harris had no reason to kill.

"The worst you could say is he dealt with minor offenses, juvenile court, but that doesn't make him a cold-blooded killer," said the lawyer.

Investigators accuse Harris of using a vehicle to kill Officer Amy Caprio in Perry Hall on Monday.

Police believe Harris was with three other teens who had come to this neighborhood to steal.

But while Harris was alone in the vehicle, the officer who had attempted to pull over the vehicle approached with a gun drawn.

Brown insists his client reacted out of fear.

"On the other end of that gun is the end of your life. They pull the trigger - bam, you're dead. People deal with it differently. He panicked, pulled off, and it was an accident," said Brown.

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