HOME INVASION| 2 women shot & killed in West Baltimore home


Two women are dead, after a daytime shooting inside their home in west Baltimore. Now, the search for the killer.

Anissa Queen lives across the street from where it happened. "I'm heartbroken, I really am," said Queen.

Queen's neighbors were shot and killed at their home on Gorman Avenue near West Baltimore Street. Police have not confirmed their relationship, but neighbors say the victims were mother and daughter.

Police got the call just before noon Wednesday, after someone reported hearing gunshots. When officers arrived, they found the wounded women. They were later pronounced dead at the hospital.

According to initial reports, the shooting happened after men kicked in the back door. Police are calling it a home invasion and they say it was not random. The victims were targeted. That's disturbing news for people on the block.

"I was taken by it because I have family members who are concerned about me," said Shirley Walker, who lives a few doors down from the victims.

"For me to have to look across the street and know that the doors won't open anymore, that's sad for me. I'm heartbroken," said Queen.

Police identified the victims Thursday as 43 year-old Chanette Neal and 21 year-old Justice Allen.

FOX45's Crime and Justice Reporter Joy Lepola confirmed that Neal's son is set to stand trial in a gang murder case Monday with multiple co-defendants.

A person familiar with the case told FOX45 they do not think they are connected, saying "He's been in jail a long time."

FOX45 reached out to Baltimore Police to ask if the two might be connected. We are awaiting a response.

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