DEADLY PIT BULL MAULING | 'It's scary that a dog would attack like that'

DEADLY PIT BULL MAULING | 'It's scary that a dog would attack like that'

COLUMBIA, Md. (WBFF) - A 64-year-old Howard County woman is dead after being mauled by the pit bull she adopted just a few days ago.

Susan LeClaire still finds it difficult to hear that her sister, Robin Conway, it’s dead.

“She was the best sister anybody could have. I’m going to miss her,” said LeClaire.

Police say Conway was mauled to death Monday by her newly adopted pit bull. Her husband found her in the backyard of their home on Tamar Drive in Columbia with the dog standing over her.

He tied the animal to a fence post, then called police.

“When the officers arrived, they found the dog very aggressive, still barking and lunging. Animal control officers came to subdue the dog. But sadly, ultimately, he had to be euthanized,“ said Sherry Llewellyn, spokesperson for the Howard County Police Department.

Family members say Conway found the dog two weeks ago at an out-of-town shelter and saved the animal from being put to death. But, in a deadly twist of fate, the dog killed her.

“It’s scary that a dog would attack like that. But you have to keep that in mind, especially if you get the dog out of the shelter, because you don’t know what the upbringing was like,” said Don Browning, a neighbor.

It was a deadly dog attack but Conway's sister said “Robin should be remembered for much more than a mauling victim. Robin was a caring person who cared, not only about animals, but about people."

Police say they’re waiting for tests performed on the dog to determine if the animal had rabies or any other medical issues.

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