DIRTY DILEMMA | Park Heights residents feeling dumped on by contractors

    DIRTY DILEMMA | Park Heights residents feeling dumped on by contractors

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - People in one Park Heights neighborhood are fuming over filth.

    Residents say there is illegal dumping happening right in their backyards and they want the lawbreakers caught.

    Gwendolyn Christopher is frustrated over the matter. It’s a dirty dilemma, with neighbors fed up.

    “These are good mattresses and box springs. But they got bedbugs on them,“ said Christopher as she looked at the mound of debris.

    It’s an illegal dumpsite in the alley behind a vacant home on Reisterstown Road near Virginia Avenue. Christopher and others have repeatedly complained to the city. Call logs detail dozens of reports.

    “It’s a dumping ground. You got to put cameras out here. You’ve got to put signs out here to stop this. Because we got rats running around, we got bugs running around. It’s got to stop,“ said Christopher.

    Christopher says the city responds and crews clean up. But the next day, the mess is back.

    Neighbors say trucks sneak in overnight and drop their loads, including old toilets and dirty mattresses.

    “I’ve chased a couple of them away,“ said Thurman Gladden.

    Gladden said he recently confronted a dumper who snuck in under the cover of darkness.

    “They didn’t see me. So when I said something, he dropped what he had and ran away,“ said Gladden.

    It’s happening in Councilwoman Sharon Middleton’s district, who’s asking her constituents to get vehicle tag numbers and help her fight back.

    “We have stiff fines in place and, in some cases, they get their licenses suspended,“ said Middleton.

    It’s a plan of action for Christopher, who is a former city custodian.

    “I’m almost 80 years old. I had a knee replacement. I’m not going out here cleaning. I done did all my cleaning. I’m retired,“ said Christopher.

    Middleton said she believes the culprits are mainly workers doing renovations at homes in the area.

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