Do you think your medical records are safe?

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- Paul Dant wasn't surprised to hear about the recent cyber-attack at MedStar Health.

His group - Independent Security Evaluators - spent two years working with hospitals across the nation to identify weaknesses including how hackers could potentially endanger the lives of patients.

"The very same types of security vulnerabilities we identified in our research are the ones we're seeing being exploited in these ransomware attacks."

The FBI is investigating whether or not MedStar Health was the victim of a ransomware attack where hackers lock the hospital out of its system until a ransom is paid.

"If we assume it is ransomware, I'd say it's a 9 or 10 on the concerned level," said Dant.

Dant added these types of attacks could indicate to hackers they could figure out a hospital network to the point of taking control of medical devices connected to patients.

Healthcare facilities, said Dant, need to identify vulnerabilities and fix them correctly instead of worrying about how to simply pass compliance audits.

"I don't think we'll ever see a point where cyber-attacks just can't happen," said Dant. "We have to be prepared - more vigilant and more proactive - about when they occur and how to appropriately address them."

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