DOUGLASS HIGH SHOOTING | Students & parents want 'Coach Marks' back

    DOUGLASS HIGH SHOOTING | Students & parents want 'Coach Marks' back

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - FOX45 is hearing more from the school employee who was shot inside Frederick Douglass High School.

    Michael Marks is speaking out exclusively to FOX45 News. He sat down with us Wednesday and we’re hearing more from him now, on Thursday night.

    Marks is a special education assistant and hall monitor at Douglass. He’s known affectionately as “Coach Marks.”

    And Thursday, many people heard “Coach Marks“ is out of the hospital and he’s talking.

    At Douglass High School, the word is out. Students and parents are reacting to the strong recovery of Marks, who was seriously hurt after being shot inside the school Feb. 8. He spent more than a week at Maryland’s Shock Trauma before being released from the hospital over the weekend.

    “He’s OK now and he’s safe and feeling better, and I miss him,“ said Macey Rouzer, a 16-year-old student.

    “He need to be rewarded. He saved a lot of lives,” said Michael Wilson, whose daughter is a student at the school.

    We’re hearing more from Marks now about that day when he saw a man by the school’s main office - acting, in Marks’ opinion, suspiciously.

    “The young man was pacing back and forth and peeping down the halls looking, trying, like he was casing the joint out,“ said Marks.

    Marks approached him. The man had a gun. Then, there were gunshots.

    “Me and him were tussling with the gun and then he shot one more time, boom! And it hit the wall. He was trying to aim in my stomach and I kept moving his arm away,“ said Marks. “I grabbed him and some kind of way, I remember hitting my elbow, knocked the gun out. And then he was trying to run to it and I grabbed him again. And I was hollering for the school police: 'The gun is on the floor, the gun is on the floor, somebody help me, help me.'"

    Police say the suspect, identified as Neil Davis, came to the school to confront Marks about the disciplining of Davis’ sister who is a student at the school.

    It was a violent confrontation that left Marks shot in the side and the groin.

    “I’m alive and whoa, God is good,“ said Marks.

    The students we talked to say they’re looking forward to Marks’ return to the school. But Marks told us he has not decided yet if he’s coming back.

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