Driver flees police, crashes into another vehicle on Edmondson Ave

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    A man is in custody after police say he fled from officers, crashed into another vehicle, then attempted to run away from the crash scene early Saturday morning.

    Baltimore City Police attempted to stop a BMW on Monroe Street around 12:45 a.m. for a traffic violation.

    The driver, 30-year old Andreas Richardson Jr. pulled over, then quickly sped off.

    A short time later, Richardson was involved in a crash with another vehicle on the 2500 block of Edmondson Avenue.

    Police say, Richardson tried to run away from the crash scene but officers were able to stop and arrest him.

    According to officials, police recovered two handguns and drugs during the arrest.

    Richardson and the driver of the vehicle he struck were transported to the hospital, both with non-life threatening injuries.

    Andreas Richardson Jr, is charged with gun, drug, and traffic related violations.

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