VIDEO:'EASY TARGET' | 3 suspects rob Baltimore mail carrier

'EASY TARGET' | 3 suspects rob Baltimore mail carrier

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - United States Postal Inspectors are trying to identify three people, believed to be responsible for robbing a mail carrier in Baltimore.

Postal inspectors have released images of the "persons of interests." All of them are seen wearing hooded sweatshirts. One is wearing brightly colored sneakers, another man has a cast on his right arm in a dark blue sling.

People in the neighborhood are on the lookout.

"You're robbing a federal employee on the job. So, it's like, you don't think they're going to come after you with everything they got? ...That's dumb," said Cory Blische.

The robbery happened Monday, February 26, at about 2 p.m. Investigators say the letter carrier was making her deliveries at the corner of Monument Street and Ploy Street when the men confronted her.

A camera outside of a business close by captured the men on video. Postal inspectors say they have received information from the public and believe they know who they're looking for, but the investigation continues.

Keith Ditterle, who lives in the neighborhood, says he's not surprised by the robbery.

"They're just looking for someone who is an easy target," said Dietterle.

Dietterle said two juveniles ran up behind him recently and tried to rob him.

"When I heard the footsteps, I turned because I heard the stories about how they run up behind you and try to hit you in the back of the head. So, I sort of turned and blocked at the same time and moved immediately into the street. And we kind of had a standoff, and they ran off," said Ditterle.

Investigators did not release in their statement what was stolen.

Meanwhile, the US postal inspection service is offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case.

Anyone who has information regarding this crime is urged to call Postal Inspectors at 877-876-2455.

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