Ellicott City residents find iconic clock

Ellicott City residents find iconic clock

ELLICOTT CITY, MD -- WBFF -- Howard County officials say that the clock in Ellicott City has been recovered.

According to tweets from the County Government, Geoff and Mark Haver of the town, found the frame and part of the face of the iconic clock in the Patapsco River.

The clock was installed last July to replace the clock that had been swept away and recovered in the 2016 flood.

Mark Haver, 19, and his father found the clock, as well as pieces of its face in the Patapsco River Saturday.“I saw this strange figure in the water,” said Mark Haver, recalling the moment he saw the clock. “It still had its ‘Established in 1772 label at the bottom, which was really good to see. The light bulbs were filled with water, but intact. The cables were inside. But, the face was smashed.”“Hopefully we'll be able to get it back up. Ellicott City will be strong once again and it will remind us as to how great our community and how important the local landmark is,” said Haver.

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