'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH' | Hogan announces state initiatives against Baltimore crime

'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH' | Hogan announces state initiatives against Baltimore crime

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced more state resources will be poured into fighting Baltimore City crime, including a new, multi-jurisdictional Violent Crime Joint Operations Strike Force center located in the city.

"People who live in Baltimore are rightfully scared. They don't feel safe in their own neighborhoods, and citizens all across the state are outraged by the daily headlines of this rampant gang violence," Hogan said in a press conference in downtown Baltimore Tuesday afternoon.

The Violent Crime Joint Operations center will include 16 state and prosecutorial agencies, as well as Baltimore City resources, and will include 200 law enforcement personnel focused exclusively on violent crime, said Hogan.

Hogan's announcement comes a day after Joel Fitzgerald, who had been nominated as the next leader for Baltimore Police Department, withdrew his name. (This morning the city got a new nominee, Michael S. Harrison from New Orleans.)

"Let me be crystal clear: We have absolutely no tolerance whatsoever for these gangs and these violent criminals who are causing lawlessness in the streets of Baltimore," said Hogan. "Enough is enough."

The state will also give more funding for recruitment bonuses so Baltimore police can attract new officers. Maryland will also expand an initiative letting federal prosecutors charge repeat violent offenders with federal crimes so they can get mandatory federal sentences, said Hogan.

Regarding city law enforcement and prosecutors, Hogan said: "While we cannot do their job for them... we all continue to provide tremendous support to the city."

He noted the state already contributed $7 million to Baltimore Police Department.

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