Everything is Illuminated: Baltimore will transform during festival of lights

Courtesy of Baltimore Office of Promotions & The Arts

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- Next spring downtown Baltimore's Inner Harbor will be transformed, illuminated with light -- colors, lasers and video projections.

The harbor is the backdrop for Light City Baltimore, a new festival just announced Tuesday.

A 1.2 mile stretch from the Inner Harbor to Federal Hill is going to be filled with all kinds of new creations from March 28 to April 3, 2016.

These festivals are common in other countries, but this will be the first of its kind in the US. Baltimore artists are getting their work ready.

"If all goes well I think it could be really amazing for Baltimore," says Tim Scofield, a sculptor.

At Scofield and Kyle Miller's studio in Old Town, they've created a model of what will be a giant 20-foot peacock with light up plumes. Expect to see their full creation in the harbor in a few months.

"Come down to the Inner Harbor, it will be amazing," Scofield says. "Be a tourist in your own city."

Most of the artists participating are from Baltimore. There are going to be more than two dozen original works, concerts and performances from puppetry to dance and a drum line.

At 901 Arts, in Waverly, the kids are already practicing.

"We want to make sure that we have everything ready and we do our best when we parade through the harbor," says 13-year-old Nia Knott.

The group has light up hats, but those are just the beginning of what's planned. They'll be creating custom costumes and have LED drumsticks.

"Our kids have been begging for us to get these," says Sarah Tolley with 901 Arts. "With the opportunity of Light City we have the funding to be able to get those glowing drumsticks. They're so excited to be able to pound on their drums with sticks that light up too."

They festival is privately funded and free to the public. Each of the artists is receiving a grant for their work.

Tourism experts are hoping this will kick off the tourist season, which has been struggling lately.

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