Family's farm suffers extensive damage after tornado in Mount Airy

family's farm.PNG

A family-owned farm in Mount Airy suffered extensive damage Friday night after a tornado.

Knill's Farm Market has been a staple in the Mount Airy community since 1942, with a rich family history.

Jim Knill, Part-owner of the farm describes the moment the storm rolled through.

"It was a lot of rattling outside and it sounded like aluminum foil, as it turned out it was tin blowing everywhere," said Knill.

Saturday morning, aluminium roofing, wood, and other debris scattered the Knill's property.

"The barn roof was gone, the grain bin had actually collapsed, I can't believe that, that's hard to believe, another shed was totally gone, and a lot of damage to the market we put on."

Fortunately, no one at the family home suffered any injuries.

Just up the road from the farm, the Twin Arch Shopping Center also suffered extensive damage Friday night.

TJ Maxx and Home Goods is now missing a portion of the roof while pieces of aluminum and shopping carts lie scattered through the parking lot.

Law enforcement officials say there were shoppers in the TJ Maxx at the time of the storm but all injuries were minor.

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