Father commits murder-suicide after losing job

FOX45 News has confirmed Julian Roary had worked with the Baltimore Parking Authority as Acting Human Resource Manager, until last week. He was working for the 'office team' division of the Robert Half Temporary Employment Agency.

Company spokeswoman Stephanie Sweet says Roary was terminated, simply because the contract ended. Meanwhile Baltimore family trauma therapist Desyree Dixon tells us losing a job can weigh heavily on some.

She says, "It is very unlikely that he just woke up and snapped and decided this was the option he was going to take."

Dixon says women and men can react different to financial troubles. She says women are more likely to ask for help.

She adds that in this case "losing the job was the last straw, and so in losing the job something happened to send him over the edge where he felt he had no option but to take his life and, again, as the provider and caregiver for these kids he's got to take them with him so they are cared for in his irrational mindset."

There have been similar murder-suicide cases in Maryland where a father has killed his children after facing financial woes.

In April 2015, Gilbert Mendoza killed his wife and daughter. In 2009, Christopher Wood killed his wife and three children. Also in 2009, William Parente killed his wife and daughters in a Towson hotel.

Dixon says fathers in these cases "may feel isolated, alone, and feeling as if this is the only option to keep his family together."

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