Father of funeral shooting victim: 'I didn't even get to bury my son'

    FATHER OF FUNERAL SHOOTING VICTIM: 'I didn't even get to bury my son'

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - A Baltimore father is reeling over the shooting deaths of his two sons, one of them killed at a graveside service.

    The shooting left Maurice Brown Jr., dead, gunned down while attending the funeral of 18-year-old Marcus Brown, his brother.

    It happened at the Mount Zion Cemetery in Lansdowne Wednesday.

    On Thursday afternoon, where the family lives, there are distraught parents.

    Maurice Brown Sr., the victims’ father, was too shaken to speak on camera. But standing at the door of his home, with a trembling voice, he said, “I don’t know how to feel or what to feel right now. I didn’t even get to bury my son, now my other songone."

    Neighbors on the block are left in disbelief.

    “It just makes you want to grab your son and daughters and hug them closer, because no one knows that day or that hour,“ said Marcellus Kelley.

    The shooting left another man critically wounded. Baltimore County police say they’re following strong leads. Investigators were back at the scene Thursday sifting through the high grass looking for clues.

    Across from the cemetery, cameras were rolling when the gun fire broke out. Surveillance video appears to show one man raising his arm and shooting with another man seemingly returning fire.

    Back in the neighborhood, residents wonder how to cope. Advice comes from a neighbor to another neighbor.

    “The only way you can do it is to gravitate to a power that is much greater than us, which is God,“ said Kelley.

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