FBI: We're not taking over Det. Suiter's death investigation

FBI: We're not taking over Det. Suiter's death investigation

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Baltimore City Police announce that the request made by their department asking the FBI to take over the investigation into the death of Detective Sean Suiter, has been rejected.

Commissioner Kevin Davis made the announcement at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

The Commissioner read the response, which said in part that the FBI will continue to assist the BPD, who will remain the lead in the investigation.

The FBI said that the Detective's death was not related to a pending FBI investigation, for that reason, they will not take the case over.

Commissioner Davis said there is zero proof that Detective Suiter may have taken his own life, calling the death of the detective, a murder.

The reward remains at $215, 000 for information leading to the arrest of a suspect.

Doug Mayer, a spokesperson for Gov. Larry Hogan, said in a statement later in the afternoon that "the Maryland State Police will continue supporting the Baltimore Police Department in this investigation as they have from the start which has included assistance from the MSP warrant apprehension team and the forensic sciences division. The city police have an outstanding homicide unit with the experience and knowledge to bring this investigation to its conclusion. The men and women of the BPD will continue to have the full support of this administration."

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