FIRST ON FOX | 3 arrested in possible connection to Balt. Co. burglary spree


PHOENIX, Md. (WBFF) - Baltimore County police arrested three suspects and took a vehicle into custody Friday evening in possible connection to a spate of burglaries in northern Baltimore County that left the community frustrated and worried.

The suspects were apprehended after police saw a burglary on Blenheim Road in the Jacksonville/Phoenix area, near Hillendale Country Club. A vehicle was also towed to police custody.

Police said they will see if the suspects are connected to the burglaries.

"We are very pleased that we have made these arrests and we will be even more pleased if we, in fact, tie them into the burglaries that were going on," said Major David Folderauer, commander of the western patrol division.

He said most of the burglaries were around Falls Road.

"This was very important. The number of burglaries that have occurred made this rise to the level that we really needed to put a stop to this," said Folderauer. "The community has been great."

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