FIRST ON FOX45: Official wants Howard Co. confederate monument removed

FIRST ON FOX45: Official wants Howard Co. confederate monument removed

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. (WBFF) - Robin Slaw spent the weekend in Charlottesville demonstrating against the white supremacy groups and pushing for peace.

The Howard County resident was driving by Howard County Circuit Courthouse on Monday, and admitted, like many other residents, she was unaware a confederate memorial was nestled in a corner of the Courthouse backyard.

"I did not know about that memorial up there," she stated. "I suspect we should be getting rid of it. It brings up too much evil history in our United States."

Byron Macfarlane, the county Register of Wills, is demanding the memorials' removal from county courthouse property.

He works in the courthouse and passes the memorial every day.

"In light of the rhetoric of white nationalists, white supremacists' sentiments in our country in the past couple of months, it's given us reason to pause and think about what our values are as Americans," he said.

Macfarlane also explained: "In Howard County, we value being an inclusive place that welcomes everyone, so what message does it send to people visiting our county, to our children, to have a monument on public land at the courthouse that glorifies a movement that sought to dissolve the United States of America and to perpetuate slavery. I think it is appropriate at this time to relocate the monument to a more appropriate place. I think a much more appropriate place is in a museum. "

Macfarlane, who is running for a seat on the county council, also said: " We are missing Union soldiers who fought and people who suffered the horrors of slavery. We're not telling that part of the story."

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman is already looking into the issue. He said he and the County Council will examine all the options and legal ramifications.

Sean Gladden, a historian with the Howard County Historical Society Museum, has already indicated he would be willing to take the memorial if it is moved.

The museum is just 100 yards away from the museum's front door. The museum just opened a Civil War exhibit last week.

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