Former Anne Arundel executive John Leopold, convicted of misconduct, is running again

Former Anne Arundel executive John Leopold, convicted of misconduct, is running again

PASADENA, Md. (WBFF) - Former Anne Arundel County Executive John Loepold, who was convicted of misconduct in office in 2013, is attempting to return to public office.

Leopold, a Republican, is running for House of Delegates in Anne Arundel County's Legislative District 31-B, which includes parts of Pasadena, Glen Burnie and Millersville.

In an interview outside an early voting center in Glen Burnie Wednesday, Leopold said: "I still have the passion and the ability to get things done for people."

In January 2013, Leopold was found guilty by a Circuit Court judge for misconduct while county executive.

He was assused of misuing his security detail forcing officers to drive him to shopping center parking lots to engage in sexual trysts and forcing security personnel to do personal and political chores.

Prosecutors say Leopold also forced a staffer to empty the county executive's catheter bag.

During sentencing Circuit Judge Dennis Sweeney described Leopold's behavior as "outrageous and egregious."

Judge Sweeney sentenced Leopold to 30 days in the county detention center.

Leopold was first elected county executive in 2006 and served nearly 20 years as a state delegate representing Anne Arundel County.

Leopold said Wednesday his medical records were never introduced as rebuttal evidence at this trial.

He has denied he forced a staffer to empty a catheter bag and added: "My medical records prove that my need for medical assistance ended after six weeks, when I no longer used catheter bags."

But Leopold added: "I've made a few mistakes but people learn from their mistakes and you move on. People deserve a second chance in this country, and I think most people are fair-minded and believe that."

Leopold, who is now 75, says if he's elected to the House of Delegates, he will crack down on illegal immigration.

"I signed an executive order prohibiting companies that do business with Anne Arundel County from hiring illegal immigrants. If returned to the legislature, I hope to do the same thing at the state level."

Anne Arundel County's Lelgislative District 31-B has two house seats.

Maryland House Minority Leader Nicholaus Kipke is the incumbent, but the other seat is open, since Incumbent Delegate Meaghan Simonaire announced she would not seek reelection.

Other Republicans running in the district include former Marine and businessman David Therrien and local businessman Brian Chisolm.

Harry E. Freeman and Karen Patricia Simpson are running in the Democratic Primary in Legislative District 31-B.

Dan Nataf, political science professor and Director of the Center for the Study of Local Issues at Anne Arundel Community College, says Leopold has universal name recognition.

But Nataf says the big question will be, "have voters [in the district] forgiven him for the reasons why he resigned."

The last day of early voting in Maryland is Thursday, and the primary election takes place on Tuesday, June 26.

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