Former Baltimore City student suing his former principal after alleged assault

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- Cordrey Moye is suing the former principal of the Reginald F. Lewis High School, Daric Jackson, as well as the school's former guidance counselor, Bari Schwartz, after he said he was assaulted by Jackson last April and Schwartz did nothing to help.

FOX45 News spoke with Moye's attorney Monday afternoon.

"Principal Jackson entered the classroom," said Jeremy Eldridge with EN Lawyers. "He engaged in some sort of horseplay with Cordrey. During the course of this horseplay Cordrey told him to stop, apparently on numerous occasions, and Principal Jackson instead had him in a chokehold to the point where Cordrey completely lost consciousness, fell to the floor, hit his head and his face and began shaking."

"Here we have a principal who chokes a young man to the point of unconsciousness and neither of the two employees there do anything for Cordrey," said Eldridge.

A Baltimore Police Department investigation was launched and the case was turned over to the State's Attorney's Office. According to Eldridge, charges were not filed.

"We know that Mr. Moye had several injuries," said Eldridge. "We know that he was taken to the hospital. We know from Mr. Moye's family that the hospital found bruising indicative of an assault and we're anxious to get all these documents, to get witness interviews. We're interested in getting everything from the police department's investigation because we've been told they did a thorough investigation, and we want to know why that investigation did not result in charges."

FOX45 reached out to the State's Attorney's Office and was told by the Director of Communications that the office is working on providing information to FOX45 about the case. We also visited the address listed in the court documents for Daric Jackson and were told he no longer lives there. The current owner told FOX45, she believes he moved out of state.

Bari Schwartz, who says she was at the school working for an outside agency, told FOX45 that she did report what she witnessed that day.

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