Fox45 wins twelve awards at the Capital Emmys

emmy night.jpg

A big night for some of our very talented staff here at FOX45.

Our colleagues were nominated 42 times at the Capitol Emmy Awards.

The station took home several awards for news, weather and special projects.

Congratulations FOX45 !

Check out the full list below.

Politics/Government - Program Feature/Segment

“Broken Bridge to Success”

Chris Papst, Carrie Peirce, Dwayne Myers

Crime Program/Special


Joy Lambert, Alanna Delfino, Christine Lien

Informational/Instructional Feature/Segment/Series

“Escaping Assault”

Megan Gilliland, Jed Gamber, Phil Dupont

Education/Schools - Program Feature/Segment

“For the Record”

Chris Papst, Dwayne Myers, Carrie Peirce

Photographer News - Within 24 Hours

“Day Turn City”

Ryan Beard

Editor News Within 24 Hours

Ruth Morton

Feature News Report - Serious Feature

“A Rheubottom Reunion”

Kathleen Cairns, Jed Gamber

“The Cover-Up”

Joy Lambert, Clint Jiras

Weather - News Single Story/News Series

“Kent Island Tornado”

Vytas Reid

Investigative Report - Series

“False Sense of Security”

Joy Lepola

Crime - Within 24 Hours

“151 Murders”

Kathleen Cairns, Alanna Delfino

Crime - No Time Limit

“Killing Trail”

Joy Lepola, Paul McGrew, Ruth Morton

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