BELOVED BARTENDER KILLED | Man fatally shot in Locust Point Royal Farms robbery

Alex Wroblewski

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- The grief was all consuming outside The Rowhouse Grille on Light Street. Friends and co-workers describe Alexander Wroblewski as “The Mayor of South Baltimore” because no matter where he went he was known. A bar back at The Rowhouse Grille, he was a friend to anyone who came in the restaurant. “It's gross,” Said frequent customer, Zachary Janatpour, “I’m pissed, I’m pissed off.”

Janatpour just moved into the neighborhood and was a frequent customer at The Rowhouse Grille, he quickly became friends with Wroblewski. “I just had brunch with him on Saturday,” he recalled, “He met my Mom and Pops. I was at the Royal Farms where he was murdered getting gas yesterday.”

The restaurant opened four hours late on Tuesday but that didn't keep customers from stopping by. “I don't know what the atmosphere is going to be like, I just want to sit in there and be with other people” Janatpour says, “It just sucks.”

Matthew Fogle grew up with Wroblewski, He described Wroblewski as funny, selfless and kind. “It just shows the blatant disregard for human life,” he says, “and when you do fight back they don't care about taking someone's life.”

With a heavy heart, Theresa Abel honored his life at the place of his death. “He was my husband's best friend,” she said as she taped his picture, flowers and balloons to a light post outside the Royal Farms on Key Hwy. “We grew up together, he was in my wedding.”

Just hours after her husband's best friend was murdered outside the convenience store Abel returned to make sure he was remembered.

The son of a retired Baltimore City School teacher and a life-long South Baltimore resident Wroblewski loved his town and his town loved him. “For somebody you grew up with all your life to see this happen, it’s unacceptable, this don't happen here,” Abel said with tears in her eyes.

Abel says it's no surprise that he fought off his attackers. He was as strong as he was selfless, “My husband is completely devastated, he can’t even speak now,” Abel cried, “He’s so hurt… It’s just terrible, you just can’t fathom the hurt and it's horrible, it really is horrible, it really is.”

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