Goucher Poll: Marylanders favor Gov. Hogan, believe state taxes are too high

    Goucher Poll: Marylanders favor Gov. Hogan, believe state taxes are too high. (WBFF FILE)

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- In a newly released Goucher Poll, Marylanders support the legalization of recreational marijuana and a $15 minimum wage, but say state taxes are too high and disapprove of the job President Donald Trump is doing.

    Marylanders residents were asked about their opinions toward the direction of the state, taxes, personal financial situations, health care, taxes, Gov. Larry Hogan, President Donald Trump, minimum wage, and the legalization of recreational marijuana.

    Fifty-four percent of Marylanders say Maryland is heading in the right direction, while 30 percent say the state is on the wrong track.

    Support for increasing the statewide minimum wage to $15 dollars per hour has risen slightly among Marylanders since last spring. Seventy-one percent of Marylanders support raising the statewide minimum wage to $15 dollars per hour, 25 percent oppose it. Last year, in February 2018, 66 percent supported increasing the minimum wage in Maryland to $15 per hour.

    When it comes to state tax, 56 percent believe the state taxes they pay are too high.

    “It’s clear why taxes are a persistent concern for voters -- Marylanders think they pay too much in taxes, that the tax system favors the rich, and don’t trust the state government to spend their money wisely,” said Mileah Kromer, director of the Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center. “But misgivings toward taxes aside, residents hold a positive outlook for their personal financial situations.”

    Marylanders are split in their trust in how state government spends tax dollars, with 55 percent having “no” or “a little” trust.

    Moving to healthcare, 60 percent of Marylanders hold a favorable opinion of the Affordable Care Act while 54 percent hold a favorable opinion of a single-payer health system. Fourty-six percent of residents prefer that elected officials focus on improving the Affordable Care Act rather than adopting a statewide single-payer model.

    During his tenure as Governor, Larry Hogan has continuously received good marks and this poll is no different. Sixty-four percent of Marylanders approve of the job Hogan is doing. Forty-eight percent believe Hogan is a moderate and 45 percent believe that he has distanced himself the right amount from President Donald Trump.

    Marylanders continue to give low marks for President Trump, with only 23 percent of people approving of the job he is doing. Seventy-one percent disapprove.

    The majority of Marylanders -- 62 percent -- support the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, and 33 percent oppose legalization.

    The Goucher Poll surveyed 831 Maryland adults from September 11-16 and has a margin of error of +/-3.4 percent.

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