Governor Hogan declares State of Emergency for Maryland ahead of Hurricane Florence

Governor Hogan declares State of Emergency for Maryland

MARYLAND -- WBFF -- Governor Larry Hogan has declared a State of Emergency for Maryland ahead of Hurricane Florence.

The Governor held a press conference on Monday where he urged people to take precautionary measures to prepare for the storm.

He said that officials have shelters on standby in anticipation and people are urged to buy batteries and water so that they are prepared.

Governor Hogan also said, "At this time, there is still some uncertainty about the track of this storm and its potential impact, but we are preparing for any possible outcome, including the potential of historic, catastrophic, and life-threatening flooding in Maryland.

"Our state is taking every precaution, and I urge all Marylanders to do the same. Stay tuned to your local news stations for the latest updates, listen to state and local authorities, and most importantly, use common sense." The State of Emergency reportedly allows the governor to access critical resources in order to increase the state's response, like the Maryland National Guard.

The State of Emergency lets Maryland receive help from other states as a part of the Emergency Management Assistance Compact. The compact serves as a cornerstone of the nation's mutual aid system and offers help and aid during states of emergency through member states.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to visit to see if they are inside, or if they are traveling to, a hurricane evacuation zone. People can also visit this website for more information.

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