Greater Baltimore Medical Center announces top baby names for 2017

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Many new baby names were popular for infants born in 2017 at Greater Baltimore Medical Center in Towson, with eight new boys names and eight new girls names making it to this year's top 10 list.

On the boy side, Charles, Samuel and Henry and five others are all new members of the "most popular names" list, while baby girls named Claire, Savannah and Caroline, along with five other names are all newcomers to the top list for 2017 as well. There were about 4,000 infants born last year at G.B.M.C., whose public relations staff tallied the hospital's baby names and reported the most popular choices for the 11th consecutive year.

Topping the G.B.M.C. list for girls is Ava, for the second year in a row, and for the most popular boys name, for a second consecutive year, was Logan. The names Ava and Logan have been ranked among the top 10 in respectively nine and seven of the last of 11 annual G.B.M.C. surveys.

Top 10 Baby Boy Names at GBMC (*notes most popular name in 2017)

  • Logan* (25)
  • Carter, Ryan and William (21)
  • Owen and Mason (20)
  • Lucas (19)
  • Charles and Alexander (18)
  • Benjamin and Noah (17)
  • Samuel, James, Henry and Aiden (16)
  • Daniel, Jackson, John, Wyatt, and Michael (15)
  • Jack and Ethan (14)
  • Dylan, Jacob, and Liam (13)

Top 10 Baby Girl Names at GBMC (*notes most popular name in 2017)

  • Ava* (24)
  • Charlotte (23)
  • Harper (22)
  • Olivia* (19)
  • Emily and Emma (16)
  • Nora (15)
  • Elizabeth (14)
  • Claire, Avery and Abigail (12)
  • Natalie, Savannah, Sophia, Caroline, Grace and Isabella (10)
  • Ella, Aria, Amelia, Skylar, Scarlett, Madison & Zoey (9)

Six of the Top 10 most popular boy's names nationwide and five such girl's names - according to the parenting website ( ) "100 Most Popular Baby Names of 2017" were also among the most popular at GBMC.

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