HAPPENING TODAY: Governor Hogan speaks about school schedule mandate

    HAPPENING TODAY: Governor Hogan to speak about school schedule mandate

    ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WBFF) -- Governor Larry Hogan held a press conference to push back on a Senate's bill that would end a state mandate to start schools the day after Labor Day.

    The bill, that currently makes it's way through the Senate would effectively reverse Governor Larry Hogan's Executive Order to start school after Labor Day.

    Governor Hogan issued a mandate that if approved, beginning next year, classes would begin the day after Labor Day and end on June 15th but a Senate Committee has just approved a bill that would effectively overturn that executive order.

    This would allow 24Maryland local school systems to set their own calendars. Senate Republicans are siding with the Governor, saying that starting school after Labor Day boosts businesses and benefits families.

    But Senate Democrats argue that ending the mandate would allow school districts more planning flexibility.

    More debate on the bill is expected later this week on the Senate floor.

    Yesterday, the Republican Governor told the Baltimore Sun that if the bill does pass there is a 100% chance that it will be overturned by a referendum.

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