HARASSMENT CLAIMS | Fallston Fire Company remains 'vigilant'

HARASSMENT CLAIMS | Fallston Fire Company remains 'vigilant'

FALLSTON, Md. (WBFF) - Nancy Greenstreet has a disabled husband and son. Both are in wheelchairs. She said she has had to call 9-1-1 and has been very impressed with the professionalism of the Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance company members.

She is shocked to learn four of its members, 3 current and 1 prior, are now facing criminal charges. She said: "I would have never thought it in the fire department."

Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company Chief Will Rosenberg was made aware of alleged ongoing harassment and a possible sexual assault among its members in early December. A news release from the Fire Company explained:

“Upon learning of the allegations, Chief Rosenberg immediately notified the Harford County Sheriff's Office to investigate, believing a crime, or series of crimes, had occurred. Upon conclusion of their investigation, investigators from the Harford County Sheriff's Office criminally charged four people on Friday, December 8th, three current members and one former member of the FVFAC. Criminal charges ranged from attempted 1st degree rape to harassment; more information about the investigation, or public records requests, should be directed to the Harford County Sheriff's Office.

Upon learning of the allegations, the active members were immediately suspended from all FVFAC activities and prohibited from accessing the property or resources of the FVFAC. Due to criminal charges being filed, FVFAC will determine the final status of all members when the cases are fully adjudicated, and an internal administrative process concludes," continued the statement.

According to the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, detectives launched an investigation into the accusations and has charged all four accused members.

The investigation began on Dec. 3, after the Fallston chief alerted the Sheriff’s Office of the allegations. The reported harassment and assault was part of an ongoing course of conduct that occurred between June and November of 2017. The two specific incidents outlined in charges included an attempted sexual assault of a 17-year-old member during the summer of 2017 and a harassment incident on Nov. 22.

The names of the four people charged will be released once the three warrants and one criminal summons are served.

The Fallston Volunteer Fire Company has 126 active and "active-lifetime" members, and the members charged are not active members, said the spokesperson in a statement.

All three have been members for fewer than five years. The former member was a member for 6 1/2 years.

The Fallston Volunteer Fire Company leadership has fully cooperated with the HCSO investigation.

Another statement from Rosenberg said: "Our very assertive posture will continue, as we remain focused and vigilant in rooting out and removing anyone from our ranks who engages in illegal, immoral or unethical behavior. It simply won't be tolerated, everyone is accountable. Personally, I am both angry and disgusted by the assertions as the alleged behavior is not acceptable by any standard, particularly the highly principled threshold we demand among our members."

"Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company service has not been interrupted and we continue to fulfill our mission of serving and protecting the community through the administration of fire, rescue and EMS servicesan unwavering commitment many have had since the company was founded more than 40 years ago," he continued in the statement.

"While we anticipate and fully understand requests for more substantive media interviews, we will not release any additional information we must remain respectful to the integrity of the criminal justice process. Thank you for your patience and understanding our stance. There is nothing more important to both our internal and external community than trust and I will continue to do everything in my power to transparently uphold that firm commitment," concludes the statement.

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