HELP FIND | Donkey missing after storm

HELP FIND | Donkey missing after storm

COLORA, Md. (WBFF) - An animal rescue group is asking for help finding a donkey that got away during this weekend's storm in Cecil County and is still missing.

May, a donkey that was at a quarantine facility on Kitti Lane in Colora, escaped earlier this week, reported Dorset Equine Rescue in Vermont.

Her caretakers were offering a $400 reward to anyone who helped find her.

The donkey was supposed to be ultimately sent to the Vermont facility, but, "on Saturday evening, May 12th, May escaped from her stall. They tried to catch her but it was already dark out and their was a storm which made it very difficult and May disappeared into the night," reported her holders.

"We are beyond worried! The barn she was at is on Kitti Lane in Colora, MD," her caretakers reported on Facebook. "She is surely scared and as we all know, equines can travel a great distance when they get loose, so who knows where she is now."

May remained on the loose Wednesday.

Anyone who can help is asked to avoid pursuing her, as "she is very timid and this will cause her to run further away. But please take note of her exact location and call them immediately. They have plans how to catch her once she's located."

Anyone with information should call Unionville Equine Associates at 610-932-6800.

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