Woman steals friend's car with baby in back in Essex

FOUND| Woman steals friend's car with baby in back in Essex

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - A woman was taken into custody Monday night after allegedly stealing a car with another woman’s six-month-old baby still inside.

Baltimore County Police say they got the call just after 10 AM. The female suspect was a passenger in the vehicle of the victim. The driver pulled over at a 7-11 on Eastern Avenue,

The driver left the car running. The passenger jumped into the driver’s seat and drove off.

Police sent out an alert. Karen Lipford received notice through the FOX45 News app about the stolen car. Shortly after, a Mazda Six cut her off on the road. The same Mazda from the alert.

“I’m just glad that I saw her. I just don’t know how she pulled out right in front of me but she did. She cut me off!” said Lipford.

Lipford followed the vehicle through West Baltimore. The suspect pulled over once and bought drugs, according to Lipford.

Meanwhile, Lipford got out of her own car and looked inside the vehicle. When she spotted the baby in the backseat, she called police. The suspect heard her on the phone and sped off.

Police caught up with the two cars, the suspect and Lipford’s, near Payson and McHenry streets.

The baby and the car were safely recovered. The woman is now in custody.

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