Howard County executive vetoes "sanctuary county" bill Thursday

The back and forth continues over Howard County's controversial sanctuary bill

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. (WBFF) - The back and forth over the Howard County's controversial sanctuary bill continues.

On Thursday, County Executive Allan Kittleman vetoed CB-9, the bill that would declare Howard County a safe place for undocumented immigrants.

The bill now goes back to the County Council, where members will be discussing a possible override.

The five-member council voted 3-2 on Monday, passing the bill.

They will need a 4-1 vote to overturn the veto.

The county executive calls the bill unnecessary, saying no one has complained about being treated unfairly because of immigration status.

"Instead, Council Members Ball and Terrasa filed this legislation without consulting and without notice to key stakeholders," Kittleman said at a Tuesday press conference. "They filed legislation that unfairly and inaccurately created the perception that there is a problem in Howard County with the way our police department and county employees interact with our foreign-born population."

Fox45 spoke with one of the bill's two sponsors about what he thinks should happen next.

"This bill was part of exposing some of the issues and challenges we have. I think that no matter what the fate of this bill is - and I hope we do override the veto - I think we need to continue to work through these challenges and make sure our residents, our neighbors feel safe and comfortable," said Councilman Calvin Ball.

The next council meeting where this could come up for an override vote is March 6.

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