" I was touched by an angel." Barber back on the job after being shot in the neck 3 times

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A popular Baltimore barber is back on the job after being shot three times in the neck inside his business on Halloween.

Troy Staton, 50, is co-owner at the New Beginnings Unisex Barbershop on Hollins Street in southwest Baltimore. He detailed his dilemma Friday afternoon.

“It all happened so fast. It was a blur,“ said Staton.

Witnesses said a shootout on the block spilled into the shop. Staton described what happened when gunfire broke out.

“The young man that was in my chair, he’s in my chair. I realize that shots are being fired. I push him out of the chair to get him on the ground,“ sad Staton.

Bullets pierced the wall and grazed Staton’s neck. They missed the customer, Dean Jones, the same man, who was back in Staton’s chair Friday.

“He didn’t finish my hair. He was interrupted,” said Jones followed by laughter from both men.

But that day it was no laughing matter when an ambulance rushed Staton to the hospital where the emergency room doctor told him something he’ll never forget.

“He told me, you been touched by an angel and I was like, he was like no, you’ve been touched by an angel. He said for you to get hit three times in the neck and you here at Shock Trauma, you been touched by an angel,“ said Staton.

Staton is called a mainstay in the community, the barber who gives kids free haircuts and hosts neighborhood block parties. The good neighbor who survived.

“You know, my life was spared. I was hit three times in the back of the neck and I walked out of shock trauma within hours. I knew right then and there that my work wasn’t done, my work wasn’t done, “said Staton.

Another man was hurt in that shooting. He was hit in the leg. He’s expected to be OK. Meanwhile, the search for the shooter continues.

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