Inner Harbor Project lets teens and police converse, find common ground

    Baltimore teens are taking their interactions with city police officers into their own hands with the Inner Harbor Project.

    Youth leaders who work with the Inner Harbor Project group have been holding training sessions since May to help promote communication and empathy between officers and teenagers. The open forum discussion comes after recent unrest between cops and community members in Baltimore City and nationwide.

    The Inner Harbor Project lets moderators and attendees voice their opinions and role play in an effort to understand both sides of the story.

    Betty Covington, who works as a school police officer, explains that, "Sometimes the youth have a perception that we are bad because we're police officers, so what we want to do is try to change their minds about us."

    On the flip side of the coin, Adrien Hughes says, "Ever since our first session, our whole outlook on officers has changed because instead of hearing what we hear from peers and news networks, we are getting their sides of the story."

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