JHU students rally against private police force

JHU students rally against private police force

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - On Thursday afternoon, about 100 students from Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus met with signs in hand to rally against a private police force.

They are angry administrators with Johns Hopkins University announced the introduction of a bill into the Maryland General Assembly that would allow private universities to create their own police forces.

The students who demonstrated say the university wants to establish its own private police force, which would have authority over Hopkins properties.

Corey Payne, a Johns Hopkins Graduate Student from upstate New York said: “The study in the petition shows increased in armed police increases accidental shootings."

Stephanie Saxton, a Johns Hopkins senior, explained: "Social science research tells us added police do not prevent crime or solve crime."

The students contend:

“A JHU private police force would:

-Have the authority to bring weapons like guns and military grade pepper spray onto campus

-Likely increase instances of racial profiling for Black and Brown students and Baltimoreans

-Have no accountability to the thousands of Baltimore community members living, working, and traveling in and around Hopkins properties

-Likely increase the criminalization of minor disciplinary incidentssuch as drinking and noise complaintsresulting in arrest, prosecution, and serious legal consequences

-Strengthen Hopkins' relationship with the Baltimore Police Department, which is currently under investigation for one of the largest police corruption cases in American history.”

The proposal is currently in the hands of the Maryland General Assembly.

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