Juvenile detention facility left without water service

Charles Hickey Jr. School (Photo: www.djs.maryland.gov)

BALTIMORE (AP) -- A Maryland juvenile detention facility has been left without water service for days.

The Baltimore Sun reports Department of Juvenile Services Chief of Staff Jay Cleary says an off-site water line issue began Sunday at Charles H. Hickey Jr. School, currently housing 58.

Mary Siegfried with the Montgomery County public defender's office says the boys went three days without showers, and their bathroom use was monitored.

Cleary says the department provided clean drinking water and water to flush toilets and brush teeth. He said a water truck provided showers Tuesday.

The acting director of the Maryland Office of the Public Defender's Juvenile Protection Division plans to visit the facility Wednesday, citing concern for clients' safety.

DJS spokesman Jeffrey Raymond says it's unclear if the cold was responsible for the outage.

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