Legal consequences due to the federal indictment of 7 police officers

A man convicted of gun possession sees that conviction overturned in Baltimore Circuit Court Friday.

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- A man convicted of gun possession saw that conviction overturned in Baltimore Circuit Court on Friday.

The Public Defenders’ Office criticizes prosecutors for not picking up on officer misconduct that caused the conviction to be overturned.

Quinton McNeil was arrested in North Baltimore back in August. Police said they found a black ski mask, guns, and drugs on McNeil.

In January, McNeil received probation for three years on the gun charge. About a month later, two of the officers that arrested McNeil, Maurice Ward and Marcus Taylor, were indicted for racketeering.

McNeil’s public defender requested a new trial. That new trial was granted. Moments later, prosecutors dropped the case against McNeil.

“This is a case where Mr. McNeil plead, just a short time before the indictments were released, and obviously at a time when the State’s Attorney’s Office and the BPD [Baltimore Police Department] would, or should, have had information these cops were dirty,” Deputy District Public Defender Natalie Finegar said after the dismissal.

The State’s Attorney Office (SAO) denies any knowledge of misconduct by the indicted police officers.

“This case relied solely upon the testimony of the now indicted officer," SAO spokesperson Melba Saunders said. "We were unable to identify any independent corroborating evidence to support this conviction; therefore, as matter justice and fairness, the Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City proactively coordinated with the Office of the Public Defender to ensure Mr. McNeil had proper defense representation and worked to vacate his conviction in a timely fashion."

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