LEXINGTON MARKET | Man talks about his video of rat 'nibbling on pastries, cookies, cakes'

LEXINGTON MARKET | Man talks about his video of rat 'nibbling on pastries, cookies, cakes'

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - It might take people a little while to forget about what they saw in a video that captured a rat running across cakes and cookies at a bakery at Lexington Market in downtown Baltimore.

Milton Mitchell said he stopped by the market to pick up some cookies for his wife. But after seeing that rat at the bakery, he kept his money in his pocket, but whipped out his cell phone.

“Would you want to go in there after this incident? Who would want to go back in there?" said Mitchell.

Mitchell is a busy barber at Celebrity Cutz on West Saratoga Street, right around the corner from Lexington Market. The buzz at his shop Friday afternoon was rats.

“I saw a rat just running around, nibbling on pastries, cookies, cakes,“ said Mitchell.

Mitchell said said he was at the Buttercup Bakery inside Lexington Market Thursday afternoon when suddenly customers saw a rodent running across the food.

“And they were looking down. They were like, 'Look at this!' So, I automatically took my phone out and started recording,“ said Mitchell.

Mitchell captured the alarming video, put it on social media and not long after that, the video went viral.

“I mean, just a minute before that happened, they were just selling pastries to people. So, that’s the appalling part. So, I felt like I had to do what I have to do to let the public know. Look, you spend your hard-earned money, and this is what they giving you,” said Mitchell.

Mike Mastro, the bakery’s owner, declined an on camera interview with us Friday. But he did tell us he was up all night throwing away food and bleaching the display case.

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